Speciality dogshow for I FCI group 2013

Svetlana / 24-03-2013 / Klubs, Izstādes

Date: 13.07.2013

Place: Ogre
Judge: Wjatscheslav Werbitskij (Belarus)
Show committee keeps the right to change the judge if necessary!


  LKF members
(every next dog)
Foreign participants
(every next dog)


all participants*

baby, puppies, veterans

all participants*

baby, puppies, veterans

Till 22.06

Ls 10 (9)

Ls 5

EUR 30 (25)

EUR 15

* All participants- junior, intermediate, open, working and Champion class

Couple competition, breeder's group, progeny group- free 

ENTRY: Online registration on FCI 1.group dog show 
Info: info@lagsak.lv


All payments on the show day