Speciality show for I FCI group 2015

Svetlana / 20-02-2015 / Izstādes, Klubs

Date: 12.07.2015
Place: Museum of the River Daugava, Salaspils novads, Doles sala
Judge: Dermot Timmins (Ireland)


Show committee keeps the right to change the judge if necessary!


  LKF members €
(every next dog)
Foreign participants €
(every next dog)


all participants**

baby, puppies, veterans

all participants

baby, puppies, veterans

Till: 31.03

15 (13) 10 30 (28) 20
01.04-19.06 20 (18) 10 35 (33) 20
20.06 25 10 45 20

** Only for LAGSAK members registration at the first price

Couple competition, breeder's group, progeny group - free 

ENTRY: Online registration on FCI 1.group dog show 
Info: info@lagsak.lv


All payments on the show day

To register on a show, please fill electronic entry form at our website at http://www.lagsak.lv/en/regonline and provide all required information. Please provide a copy of a pedigree, copy of a championship certificate if you compete in a champion class, or a copy of working certificate if you compete in working class.
All payments may be arranged at the venue on the show’s day, price calculated according to the date of application (electronic webform). 
You should provide a guarantee letter if you prefer to pay the money in cash on the show’s day.
Participation in show's competitions are free of charge (this includes Couple competition, Breeder's group competition and Progeny group competition).
When all documents are received by us, we will send You an confirmation email about registration to our show. If you didn't get Confirmation email during 5 working days, please contact us!


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